About Tony Rusconi

Tony Rusconi, trained artistically in Milan, is one of the major figures of European improvised
music. Musician eclectic and wide horizons inspirational, Rusconi has had training and artistic
paths quite varied: from the first approaches with the violin at the age of just five years, the
practice of drums and percussion until the composition studies, first with Luca Lombardi at the
G. Verdi Conservatory in Milan and then under the Emilio Ghezzi guide which will embark on a
long, rigorous and passionate immersion in the history of classical music.
Without neglecting studies orchestration and arrangement for Big Band jazz (with Roberto
Meroni) and the improvisation techniques trial, will own these studies Rusconi and experience
to guide you to that exploration, between composition and improvisation, is now the hallmark
of his artistic activities. The exuberance, the variety and complexity of his experiences make it
difficult a detailed picture, but nevertheless have to remember some milestones.
During the ’70s and’ 80s, Rusconi develops an intense exchange of collaborations with the
protagonists of the International Improvised Music including Paul Rutherford, Evan Parker,
Steve Lacy, Peter Kowald, Lester Bowie, Giorgio Gaslini, Renato Geremia, Bruno Tommaso,
Guido Mazzon, Radu Malfatti, Andreé Jaume etc.etc …
The decade 80/90 for Rusconi also implies the involvement in media and audiovisual
performances, theater, video, dance, poetry, with artists such as Dal Bosco / Varesco, Maria
Monti, Franco Feruglio, Louise Gay, Giongo / Canestrini. International concert with Anouar
Brahem, Carlos Zingaro, Roberto Aglieri, Floros Floridis, Lindsay Cooper, Phil Minton, Benat
Atchary, etc.etc …
The ’90s mark the recovery ratio composition / improvisation, which will run on the first of the
new millennium decennnio . Significant his Orchestra southcentral with three cd. The Forum Quintet with a CD and a video. Important event “Sounds and Visions” with Fred Frith in the “Project of Water Time, The Music of Time.” Until you get to “Divergence Cross” with Guido Mazzon and Roberto Aglieri, best disc of the month March 2015 reported by Musica Jazz, where acoustic and electronic tend to outline some kind of future. This is in your and our hands !!
1972-1973-1974. With Free Group of Bologna, two editions of the Festival Music and Reality
in Reggio Emilia and Bologna, and the 1974 edition of the Bologna int. jazz Festival.
1975. With the Trio and Quartet Guido Mazzon, Renato Geremia and Roberto Bellatalla:
Festivals jazz of Bologna and Bergamo. Founded the OMCI (the Organic Creative
Improvised Music) with Renato Geremia and Mauro Periotto.
1976. The legendary festival in Abruzzo Penne with Guido Mazzon.
1977. With the OMCI, the Organic Creative Improvised Music, (Renato Geremia and Mauro
Periotto), affects four LP’s and participates in famous jazz concerts at the State University of
Milan (1975) (reissued on CD in 1998), the decentralization of the Teatro alla Fenice di Venezia, with
concerts scheduled for the ’70s in Italy. It is the group of the moment of the ’70s.
1978. The OMCI trio was invited to the Paris Biennale and the Bergamo Jazz Festival, where
he won the praise of the great American musicians present.
1977. With the quartet of Guido Mazzon and OMCI trio participates in Jazz in our time at the
Lyric Theatre in Milan. Concerts throughout Italy.
1977. Festivals Moers Jazz and Grenoble.
1978. Festival of Graz in Austria.
1978. With Precarious Orchestra, with Guido Mazzon, Radu Malfatti, Mark Charig, Bruno
Marini, Renato Geremia and Mauro Periotto: Moers Jazz Festival, Jazz Project of Cremona
and concerts in Switzerland and Italy.
1980. The Exhibition of the Venice Film Comment in electronic music of silent films of Buster
Keaton “Playhouse”. Among the other artists featured in Venice, Alvin Curran, France Marie
Uitti, Tristan Honsinger, Mauro Periotto and Giancarlo Schiaffini.
1981. With directors and performers Francesco Dal Bosco and Fabrizio Varesco, it sets up
“Exotic Cowboy” in Emilia, in the exhibition “All the arts tend to performance” in Bologna and
Reggio Emilia, at the Castello Sforzesco in Milan, the torpedo of Florence, in London at ICA,
Pergine Spettacolo Aperto etc etc … born a video and a disc.
1981-1983. With Steve Lacy concerts in Duo, Trio and Quartet in many Italian cities, including
Trieste, Udine, Vittorio Veneto, Lecco, Bolzano. A song live in 1983, “Underline”, is inserted
into the Rusconi 1995 CD Voices, and is also found on the Internet site of Lacy.
1982. With the director and writer Gloria Canestrini and the director and painter Maurizio
Giongo stages “Boxing (the) Drums”, commissioned by the Paris Biennale, the Museum of
Modern Art. It also does in Marseille for GMEM Associations and GRIM and Ljubljana Video
1982. Festival in St. Remy de Provence, with Paul Rutherford.
1982. Pisa Jazz in the Abbey of St. Zeno, with Paul Rutherford.
1983. Performances at the Festival of Grenoble and the RAI, with Paul Rutherford.
1983. “Boxing (the) Drums” is the Ljubljana Video Festival, Pergine Spettacolo Aperto and
Cineforum Rovereto. Boxing for (the) Drums recorded a double album and a video and
processes of electronic music tapes that integrates with the only live. Video Boxing the Drums,
directed by Federico Mininni and Carlo Ippolito, funded by the Province of Milan, takes part in
the Festival the best videos of the eighties: Montreal, Tokyo, Film maker in Milan, Paris etc etc
1983. In Marseille born Tentet Franco Italien with the production Two Cinq fois (on CD in
1990). Present the Directors Jean Marc Montera and Rusconi, with Giancarlo Schiaffini,
Raymond Boni, Yves Robert, Eugenio Colombo, Mauro Periotto, Andreé Jaume, Gerard
Syracusa, Renato Geremia.
1983. Join a european creation for Rive de Gier Festival, Alain Gibert. It will be called “Suite,
Suite, Suite and Fin”. Among the musicians present: Jacques di Donato, Maurice Merle,
Lindsay Cooper, Benat Atchary, Phil Minton, Radu Malfatti, Mauro Periotto and Christian
1983. Evan Parker, Mark Charig and Radu Malfatti performs in Mestre, Teatro Toniolo (on CD
in 2000).
1985. At La Fenice in Venice, the Carnival, is cast as a percussionist in “The Golden Land”,
best Broadway Musical of the year on tour in Europe. Is taken at the Teatro Biondo in
1986. Recorded with Mario Schiano at RAI, during the program “A speech” Unrepentant Ones
(LP and later CD Fonit Cetra). Also participate Giancarlo Schiaffini, Bruno Tommaso, Renato
Geremia and Guido Mazzon.
1988. For Ondavideo Pisa produces a performance with the director Fabrizio Varesco. Comes
the preparation of Videobox at Palazzo Lanfranchi, where are also shown all his video.
1988. It is produced Full Metal Drums disk ( LP and CD).
1988. Series of concerts in Greece with the Italian Art Quartet, including the Thessaloniki jazz
1988. It recorded the LP Discretamente the charm of Italian Art Quartet.
1989. He was invited to Rome to Controindicazioni (festival conceived by Mario Schiano in 1975)
together with Giorgio Gaslini Bruno Tommaso, Radu Malfatti and Guido Mazzon. The best
concert of the festival by press.
1990. He realizes “Astacus Project” as part of Ecologie in Cagliari, along with the Basque
singer Beñat Atchary, the greek Floros Floridis and Jean Marc Montera Corsican
1991. With fellow Astacus Project, in addition to the Portuguese Carlos Zingaro the violin, the
Tunisian musician Anouar Brahem (oud), and Roberto Aglieri flute, performs a
concert tour in the ancient theaters in Greece: Thessaloniki, Athens and Patras
1991. Composed the music for a video on the work of the painter of the transavanguardia Enzo Cucchi.
1992-1994. Tourneés in Germany (including Dresden, Leipzig, Jena, Weimar and Erfurt),
accompanied by Italian musicians: Emilio Galante, Beppe Grifeo and Mariano Nocito .
1994. Voices recorded the CD, with music composed by him, dedicated to the different vocal
styles: music in polyphonic style, the song form and lieder.
1996-1997.Composed ten songs for Big Band, for the CD Blues, Bop and Boogie.
1998. Was invited to the festival in the summer Milan to compose the music and as
a percussionist on stage together with the dance company directed by choreographer
Susanna Beltrami, who handles the setting up of “Adam and Beatrice”, with the participation of
Luciana Savignano and the protagonists Sabrina Camera, Emanuela Tagliavia and Brian Poer.
In the music scene voice of Rossella Redoglia soprano accompanied by pianist Stefano
Salvatore’s voice.
1999. Comes the small orchestra and the CD SUNSET BOULEVARD is produced.
The Orchestra birth marks a turning point in the TR career as he was able to experience the
composition improvisation relationship with a great staff.
This is how the other two CDs: in 2001 “HABANERA ” and in 2003-2004″ BLUES ON BLUE.
With the Orchestra participates in some international festivals among which the most
important ones of the University of Bocconi, Atina Int. Jazz Festival, Brianza Jazz and a
concert for RAI in Rome live Radio jazz suite in 2005.
2001. Concert at the Palazzina Liberty in Milan in Duo with Paul Rutherford from which come
a cd & RU RU at Palazzina Liberty in a special pack with inside wallet of three sheets of
photos of the musicians. Art Direction by Federico Mininni.
2006. Art Three with Franco Feruglio and Daniele D’Agaro, and Art Four with Eugenio Sanna,
the same Feruglio and Luca Calabrese. And ” the opportunity for the trio to play in a huge
space for the Galleria Francesca Minini and for the quartet to record at the aditorium Radio
Popolare in Milan. But it is also an opportunity to continue the presentation of original record
packaging: in short, to beat other roads than those in the traditional distribution in crisis.
Comes also a special and elegant edition packaged by Federico Mininni, containing paintings
from the Milanese painter Clara Brasca along with two DVDs that collect all the films of Tony
Rusconi career. The artists are numerous and range from Steve Lacy in trio with Paul
Rutherford, the Italian Art Quartet with Bruno Tommaso, Renato Geremia and Guido Mazzon,
Mediterranean Ensemble with Anouar Brahem, Floros Floridis, Carlos Zingaro Jean Marc
Montera, Benat Atchary and Roberto Aglieri.
2007. And ‘the year of TONY RUSCONI FORUM QUINTET with Luca Bonvini, Gianni Lenoci,
Gianfranco Tedeschi and Francesco Marini. Here, too, with the collaboration of the painter
Alda Failoni comes out a special edition with some 54 works all different and with 24 of them
to cover an issue more commercial. All four special editions have also won him here, the
indispensable work of art director Federico Mininni.
2008. Live concert at Radio Popular with Renato Geremia. The cd ” Attenti a quei Due” is produced
with the cover by painter Mauro Cappelletti.  In the same year, he was commissioned the performance “The Water Time, The Music of Time”, part of the prestigious festival “Sounds and Visions”, organized by the Province of Milan. Live with Fred Frith on a director Federico Mininni’s
movie. Concert with Renato Geremia as part of Manifesta 7, Alpine Festival. The live show is performed in the Roman Tridentum, archaeological museum (SASS) in the center of Trento, with the preparation of the art exhibition “Terminus Underground.” It is produced a CD with cover artist
Mauro Cappelletti and 50 copies of a work by the same author. The release will take place in
 2009. It also comes with a DVD featuring the entries of the works of the artists and
phases of the exhibition, as well as all the concert footage.
2009. Release of the video “The Water Time, The Time of Music” on production of the
Province of Milan and Amiacque. The cd out with Renato Geremia “Live at SASS”. And ‘the
last of Jeremiah incision that seals a partnership with Rusconi more than 40 years.
2010. The videos produced by Rusconi are set up, the work of Project Communication, in “Cassandra” exhibition in some Italian museums such as Palazzo Ducale in Genoa, Forte
Marghera in Venice (2011),  Museo Pan in Naples, Palazzo della Ragione, Milan (2012 ).
2011. A period of study and plays in several concerts that will be the prelude to future
2012. 2013. 2014 and 2015. Resumes collaboration with Guido Mazzon and with Roberto
Aglieri, and produces well 4 albums. The trio with Aglieri and Mazzon 2014, “Divergence Cross”,
meets the favor of critics. Elected disc of March in 2015 by the magazine Musica Jazz along
with some representatives of the neo avantgardeNew Yorker, reflecting the innovative new
phase, however, recognized, taken at a distance from the international debut in 1973.
2013. 2014. Born along with Aglieri, the Debaters 1 and 2 and an overdub is added at the
same Aglieri, Mazzon, Umberto Petrin and Guido Bosticco, in a Genoese draft Aglieri by title
Sound escape.
2015. And ‘the year of the EXPO Milano. Participates in a spectacular “Mandala” around tree of life
with 105 students in Brera organized by their teacher Roberto Aglieri. With the artist Romano
Bertuzzi and Aglieri in the “Victus Lusorum” spectacular performance at the Visconti Palace in
Pavia, where mix sounds and food. Great success.